Heal With Hearts Visual Arts Program

Heal With HeARTS Visual Arts Programs are integrated with the Music and Dance Programs. The National Visual Arts Standards are the foundation for planning projects with children in the community. The objectives and skills taught promote creative collaboration in the Visual and Performing Arts. Students work together problem-solving, strengthening leadership skills, creating artwork, and performing in the community. The projects are facilitated by professional artist, musicians, educators ,and leaders.

Read more about the National Visual Arts Standards here.

The objectives of Heal With HeARTS Visual Arts Programs are as follows:

  • Students understand the multifaceted interplay of different media, styles, forms, techniques, and processes in the creation of their work.
  • Students develop increasing abilities to pose insightful questions about contexts, processes, and criteria for evaluation.
  •  They use these questions to examine works in light of various analytical methods and to express sophisticated ideas about visual relationships using precise terminology.
  • They can reflect on the nature of human involvement in art as a viewer, creator, and participant.
  • Students understand the relationships among art forms and between their own work and that of others.
  • They are able to relate understandings about the historical and cultural contexts of art to situations in contemporary life.
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STEAM is a national education movement to increase student learning by connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Students learn about recycling materials in the visual arts, graphic design in science, watercolor techniques and chemical reactions of salt and oil pastel in painting. They create sketchbooks to demonstrate their learning of art elements, like line, color, shape, form, value and contrast. They also learn how to use the primary colors to mix other colors. At the end of the week-long program, students display their artwork at their performing arts presentation